Software development as a service

JHk Software is a software development provider. We offer high quality software development as a service as well as other IT related services such as project management, software analysis, test support or documentation production. If we were asked to describe a company motto then we would mention the K.I.S.S. principle. During our company's history we found it very productive and straightforward to eliminate all unnecessary complexities of our work and environment. As Wikipedia page on K.I.S.S. notes this principle was valuable also to some of the most clever minds in the history of mankind:

The (K.I.S.S.) principle is somewhat similar to Occam's razor, and Albert Einstein's maxim that "everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.", Leonardo Da Vinci's "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication", or Antoine de Saint Exupéry's "It seems that perfection is reached not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away".

Our company model is simple and distributed - no central building, no complicated infrastructure. We let our customers and contractors select and use the development and communication technologies that they found as most effective. This helps contractors understand a software production economy better and it has a positive effect on the customer budget.

Talented people

JHk Software employs cooperative, flexible and professional software developers, who work independently, travel to consult project details with international customers, propose architecture, design and implement software, write tests and documentation of software projects, act as software consultants and are also trained as the project leaders.

We recruit responsible and communicative IT professionals who are supposed to be flexible to customer needs. They are motivated by working in the pleasant environment of their home offices. As a team they share project knowledge during co-working and discuss latest trends in the software development and computer science (new programming languages, new standards (C++0x), other programming paradigms, ...) in a company online discussions or in our meetings and trainings.

Cost-effective solutions

We always try to offer the most cost-effective solutions to our customers - from the selection of software technologies to the software build system design. Our developers are familiar with many cost-effective solutions for both Windows and Linux platforms such as open source software, GNU GPL utilities or freeware tools. Sometimes an access to the source code is more vital than a wide set of features.

Our developers also use various communication tools that minimize consultation costs (Skype, Google Talk, Webex, ...).

Slovakia has already joined the Eurozone

Since the Euro was introduced in several European countries we have been invoicing in this currency. Slovakia joined the Eurozone in January 2009 and our customers can be sure that our prices are stable and there is no economical pressure on our contractors that could result in a project team fluctuation.


We are located mainly in the region of Western Slovakia, mostly in the cities of Piestany and Hlohovec and nearby area. This area has been in a focus of international investors in recent years and thus concentrates skilled people also from other parts of Slovakia. There are also several universities in this area, mainly in the capital city Bratislava but also in cities Trnava, Nitra and Trencin.

The technical infrastructure has a high standard in this region - from good highway connections to high mobile phone network coverage and a number of broadband internet providers.

There is a good highway connection from Piestany and Hlohovec to our capital city Bratislava (1 hour by car) or to Austrian capital city Vienna (less than 2 hours by car). That offers a simple connection to our customers based in Austria. We fly for business trips to other international customers from 2 nearby international airports - Vienna airport and Bratislava airport.


Company address:
JHK-Software, s.r.o.
Csl. Armady 2098/66
920 01 Hlohovec
Phone: +421 949 719 816